Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday is my favorite day!

So today in Sacrament the Young Women sang the song "Steadfast in You" and since I am the YW secretary I had to sing as well. Being in front of a crowd is not my favorite thing to do but the girls stood in front of the leaders so it wasn't that bad.

Today also was my Sunday to give the lesson in YW. It was on community service. The young women in my ward are so awesome and teach me more than I will ever teach them.

After church Sean, Jaime, Brynn, Chase, Shea and Ella came over to visit the kitties. Sean just so happens to also be my boss. I get to hang with Jaime a lot with church activities and when she organizes girls night out! We have a lot of fun together and I love their kids!

I then took a little nap and then it was time for me to babysit for Nate and Amber as they went to a wedding of a co-worker. Of course the kids wanted to come to my house and play with the kitties. I had some laundry to fold so after they had enough with the kittens I put them on my bed and turned on some Disney shows while I folded laundry.

Morgan and Evan love to come to my house and Morgan will often draw me pictures so that she can come over and deliver them! My fridge is beautifully decorated with child art by Morgan.


Shellee said...

Looks like fun... I taught Chase's class yesterday at church and she kept telling me, "after church we get to go to our friend Brenda's house. She's a grown-up. And she has new baby kitties." She was so excited and couldn't wait for church to get out. Too cute!

Shanell said...

Sounds like fun...Kennedi would LOVE to come to your house too. Baby kitties are her most favorit thing.

Steven & Becky Heumann said...

Yep, they are my sister-in-laws. They are both on facebook if you want to find them there. I will give them your blog address so they can contact you.

SingledOut4 said...

Brenda!! You look so good! My sister in law gave me your information. My email address is

Laurie Heumann