Saturday, September 20, 2008

My divorce is final!

After being separated for 2 years my divorce was final yesterday. It is sometimes hard to believe it has been 2 years. So many good things have happened since that day yet the first year was very emotional for me. Had I been the one to initiate the divorce I do not think it would have affected me as hard. I had kicked him out several times but would take him back. I think in order for me to grow as a person I had to experience the pain of him leaving me.

It was a bitter sweet day for me yesterday. I am sad my marriage ended yet happy that it did. There are things I miss and things I am glad are gone.

Things I miss:

* The excitement of him coming home from work
* Tuesday night date night (usually dinner and a movie)
* Intimacy
*Being a two income household
*My best friend
*The thought of someone loving me
*The man I made him out to be in my head

Things I do NOT miss:

*Wondering how many women he was flirting with on the Internet that day
*Trying to guess if he wanted something or wasting my time doing it and he not want it. Which ever I chose was wrong. If I made breakfast for him he didn't want it. If I didn't, I was a lazy wife.
*Cooking for him because he never liked what I fixed
*The Porn in my home
*Worrying that he only married me for a greencard and would leave once it came
*Having to do all the housework without any help at all
*Having him get upset with me for letting a coffee sit for weeks in our bedroom instead of throwing it away (why he couldn't throw it away is beyond me)

There are days I miss him and then I talk to him on the phone or get an email from him and it only takes a few words from him to remember why I am glad we are no longer together.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have been tagged!

20 Years Ago....
1. I was pregnant with Colin
2. I was working at Pic – n- Save (Now BigLots)
3. I was married to Eddie Puckett
4. My grandma Dickerson was dying of cancer

10 Years Ago....
1. I was married to Luis Velasco
2. Colin was in 5th Grade
3. I was working at the America Gem Society
4. Still living in Las Vegas

5 Years Ago....
1. I was married to Sonny
2. Living in Issaquah Washington
3. Became addicted to shopping on Ebay
4. Was working for the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce

3 Years Ago....
1. Was working at HouseValues in sales
2. Went to Vegas on vacation
3. Colin was going to Bellevue Community College
4. Enjoyed going to dinner and a movie every Tuesday with Sonny and Colin

1 Year Ago....
1. I was teaching the 4/5 year olds in Primary and loving it!
2. Became great friends with my neighbors the Jenkins (Nate, Amber, Morgan, Evan and bun in the oven
3. Colin learned to drive
4. Landed an awesome job as office manager for the Finnigan’s business, Homevestors!

So far this year....
1. I became secretary in Young Womens
2. I went to the Las Vegas temple and received my endowments!
3. I filed for divorce!
4. I turned 40 :(

Yesterday I.....
1. Worked.
2. Went grocery shopping
3. I went to Young Womens and avoided playing capture the flag
4. Played with my cute baby kittens (hopper and whitey)

Today I.....
1. Woke up
2. Took a shower
3. Got dressed and ready for work
4. Went to work and drank a Mtn. Dew

In the next year I'll.....
1. Try and lose weight
2. Attend the temple a lot
3. Try and go to Vegas for a vacation
4. Persuade Colin into getting his GED and drivers license

I tag Laurie Huemann, Susan Robinson, Amy Hansen and Heather Chamberlain

Friday, September 12, 2008

Your Son might be gay if. . .

*He puts his bath towel on his head pretending it is long hair and tells you he is Tabitha.

*He loves to do your hair.

*One of his favorite things to do is going shopping at the Boulevard Mall with his aunts.

*He prefers to play with the girls instead of the boys

*The majority of his friends are girls

*He spends the night at his Aunt Candice's house and he wants to give each other pedicures and paint each others toenails (Aunt Candice's contribution)

*The Bodyguard was his favorite movie ever. (His aunt Kendra reminded me of this one)

*He loves the young Obi-Wan Kenobi and not for his acting abilities. (His aunt Candice provided this one)

* He adores Gwen Stefani, it started at an early age and he has a shrine of her in his bedroom.

*He tells all your friends and family that when he grows up he is going to marry your friend Steve Mitchell pictured above. (His aunt Trina reminded me of this one)

So for those of you who think being gay is a choice, I am here to tell you that it is NOT! Just like a child is born with blue eyes, or green eyes, or brown hair, blonde hair etc, a child is born with their sexual orientation. As the proud mother of a gay child I can tell you this for a fact! Everyone who knew Colin growing up could tell. So when he finally came out last year it was not a shock to any of us who truly know and love him.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art by Morgan Jenkins

I thought I would share my favorite picture drawn by Morgan. She knows how to spell my name all by herself! This is my favorite picture she has given me so far! Can you tell who the picture is of?