Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Facebook addict

Yep I am! I love it. I have reconnected with friends from my past and share photos with friends and family. It is awesome! So if you have not joined Facebook you need to and then add me as your friend. It is not just for kids.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Temple, good food and ducks!

Amy Hansen and I on the bus going to the temple, Nate Jenkins sitting behind us!

Saturday I started the day by hopping on a bus to the temple with my ward. It was awesome! I am just going to say that I love Jean Nye and Amy Hansen and thank you both for helping me! Jean is a temple worker and usually helps new brides on Saturdays. This Saturday she made special arrangements to be a worker at our session so that she could help me. I had shared with her on Wednesday that I was nervous to do a session because it was my second time and I can't remember what to do. She told me I would do fine and not to worry. I show up and she lets me know she will be there to help me! Then Amy sat next to me and helped me remember what to do and when. I have awesome friends!

We all then went back to the church and ate pulled pork sandwiches. Mark Griffith smoked the pork all night and it was yummy! Everyone brought either a salad or a dessert.

I then went with Nate and Amber to go look at a house that my company has purchased. I knew that there were ducks at the pond so I brought bread so that Morgan, Evan and I could feed the ducks. The ducks were so friendly and walked right up to us to beg for the bread. The kids thought it was great and the bread went really fast. If there is a next time I am going to bring bags of popcorn.

Evan and Morgan Jenkins

It was a great day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am the cat lady!

So last Sunday we gave away Sister's baby kittens to a loving home. The father of the babies was a stray cat. We don't let our cats outside however Sister was going to get outside one way or another so we finally threw her out.

Lady is our other cat and she had babies the same day we gave away the other two. They are so cute and our black cat Piglet is the father of these two. One is solid black like Piglet and the other is white. Lady and Sister are real sisters and so when Lady had babies Sister was there to help! In fact she thought since we gave away her babies that she would just share the babies with Lady and kept taking the babies and tried to hide them.

So I have 4 cats. Sabrina we have had the longest and she is a white big fluffy cat. Then there is Lady and Sister that came from the same litter and then Piglet that the Jenkin's found in the parking garage and I hand feed and wiped his bum along with his 2 brothers, Pooh and Tigger. Pooh and Tigger now live with my friends the Finnigan's. I just could not bring myself to give away Piglet and have him all alone so I kept him. Don't tell the other cats but he is my favorite!
So here are pictures of all my cats. We of course will give away the lastest babies once they are old enough to give away. So if you want one let me know! Next month Piglet will be getting his manhood cut off and then I will have the girls fixed soon thereafter. I do love these babies!