Saturday, November 29, 2008

And now we have 12

Sister had another litter. This time she had 6! I love them all. She had 4 white ones, 1 orange one and 1 black with orange one. I know I am crazy. I love babies. I don't care what kind. A baby frog, baby worm, baby elephant, baby human, baby dog, baby lizard, baby snake. . . you get the point.

Lady's two kittens are almost ready to go to their new homes (my friend Heather and her family and my friend Stacey and her family). They are my favorite kittens so far. So we have a total of 12 cats in our house. Piglet recently had his manhood removed, so ends the kitten making factory.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I find that I work better and am happier at my job when I like and get along with my co-workers. I have 2 great bosses but my new co-workers can be very lazy and don't seem to want to do anything. They are very demanding of my attention and the only thing they seem to get accomplished in the day is making sure their hair is nice and pretty. They even demand that I get their lunch! I have 4 co-workers and 1 of them has her kids at the office! Yep, I am now working from home. I was worried I would not be disciplined enough but I seem to work more hours now and get a lot more accomplished during the day. I am really liking it actually but I am getting a little stir crazy so I have to make sure and leave the house from time to time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am Proud to be an American!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! This is a great song to help celebrate click here!

God Bless the USA!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Facebook addict

Yep I am! I love it. I have reconnected with friends from my past and share photos with friends and family. It is awesome! So if you have not joined Facebook you need to and then add me as your friend. It is not just for kids.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Temple, good food and ducks!

Amy Hansen and I on the bus going to the temple, Nate Jenkins sitting behind us!

Saturday I started the day by hopping on a bus to the temple with my ward. It was awesome! I am just going to say that I love Jean Nye and Amy Hansen and thank you both for helping me! Jean is a temple worker and usually helps new brides on Saturdays. This Saturday she made special arrangements to be a worker at our session so that she could help me. I had shared with her on Wednesday that I was nervous to do a session because it was my second time and I can't remember what to do. She told me I would do fine and not to worry. I show up and she lets me know she will be there to help me! Then Amy sat next to me and helped me remember what to do and when. I have awesome friends!

We all then went back to the church and ate pulled pork sandwiches. Mark Griffith smoked the pork all night and it was yummy! Everyone brought either a salad or a dessert.

I then went with Nate and Amber to go look at a house that my company has purchased. I knew that there were ducks at the pond so I brought bread so that Morgan, Evan and I could feed the ducks. The ducks were so friendly and walked right up to us to beg for the bread. The kids thought it was great and the bread went really fast. If there is a next time I am going to bring bags of popcorn.

Evan and Morgan Jenkins

It was a great day!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am the cat lady!

So last Sunday we gave away Sister's baby kittens to a loving home. The father of the babies was a stray cat. We don't let our cats outside however Sister was going to get outside one way or another so we finally threw her out.

Lady is our other cat and she had babies the same day we gave away the other two. They are so cute and our black cat Piglet is the father of these two. One is solid black like Piglet and the other is white. Lady and Sister are real sisters and so when Lady had babies Sister was there to help! In fact she thought since we gave away her babies that she would just share the babies with Lady and kept taking the babies and tried to hide them.

So I have 4 cats. Sabrina we have had the longest and she is a white big fluffy cat. Then there is Lady and Sister that came from the same litter and then Piglet that the Jenkin's found in the parking garage and I hand feed and wiped his bum along with his 2 brothers, Pooh and Tigger. Pooh and Tigger now live with my friends the Finnigan's. I just could not bring myself to give away Piglet and have him all alone so I kept him. Don't tell the other cats but he is my favorite!
So here are pictures of all my cats. We of course will give away the lastest babies once they are old enough to give away. So if you want one let me know! Next month Piglet will be getting his manhood cut off and then I will have the girls fixed soon thereafter. I do love these babies!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My divorce is final!

After being separated for 2 years my divorce was final yesterday. It is sometimes hard to believe it has been 2 years. So many good things have happened since that day yet the first year was very emotional for me. Had I been the one to initiate the divorce I do not think it would have affected me as hard. I had kicked him out several times but would take him back. I think in order for me to grow as a person I had to experience the pain of him leaving me.

It was a bitter sweet day for me yesterday. I am sad my marriage ended yet happy that it did. There are things I miss and things I am glad are gone.

Things I miss:

* The excitement of him coming home from work
* Tuesday night date night (usually dinner and a movie)
* Intimacy
*Being a two income household
*My best friend
*The thought of someone loving me
*The man I made him out to be in my head

Things I do NOT miss:

*Wondering how many women he was flirting with on the Internet that day
*Trying to guess if he wanted something or wasting my time doing it and he not want it. Which ever I chose was wrong. If I made breakfast for him he didn't want it. If I didn't, I was a lazy wife.
*Cooking for him because he never liked what I fixed
*The Porn in my home
*Worrying that he only married me for a greencard and would leave once it came
*Having to do all the housework without any help at all
*Having him get upset with me for letting a coffee sit for weeks in our bedroom instead of throwing it away (why he couldn't throw it away is beyond me)

There are days I miss him and then I talk to him on the phone or get an email from him and it only takes a few words from him to remember why I am glad we are no longer together.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have been tagged!

20 Years Ago....
1. I was pregnant with Colin
2. I was working at Pic – n- Save (Now BigLots)
3. I was married to Eddie Puckett
4. My grandma Dickerson was dying of cancer

10 Years Ago....
1. I was married to Luis Velasco
2. Colin was in 5th Grade
3. I was working at the America Gem Society
4. Still living in Las Vegas

5 Years Ago....
1. I was married to Sonny
2. Living in Issaquah Washington
3. Became addicted to shopping on Ebay
4. Was working for the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce

3 Years Ago....
1. Was working at HouseValues in sales
2. Went to Vegas on vacation
3. Colin was going to Bellevue Community College
4. Enjoyed going to dinner and a movie every Tuesday with Sonny and Colin

1 Year Ago....
1. I was teaching the 4/5 year olds in Primary and loving it!
2. Became great friends with my neighbors the Jenkins (Nate, Amber, Morgan, Evan and bun in the oven
3. Colin learned to drive
4. Landed an awesome job as office manager for the Finnigan’s business, Homevestors!

So far this year....
1. I became secretary in Young Womens
2. I went to the Las Vegas temple and received my endowments!
3. I filed for divorce!
4. I turned 40 :(

Yesterday I.....
1. Worked.
2. Went grocery shopping
3. I went to Young Womens and avoided playing capture the flag
4. Played with my cute baby kittens (hopper and whitey)

Today I.....
1. Woke up
2. Took a shower
3. Got dressed and ready for work
4. Went to work and drank a Mtn. Dew

In the next year I'll.....
1. Try and lose weight
2. Attend the temple a lot
3. Try and go to Vegas for a vacation
4. Persuade Colin into getting his GED and drivers license

I tag Laurie Huemann, Susan Robinson, Amy Hansen and Heather Chamberlain

Friday, September 12, 2008

Your Son might be gay if. . .

*He puts his bath towel on his head pretending it is long hair and tells you he is Tabitha.

*He loves to do your hair.

*One of his favorite things to do is going shopping at the Boulevard Mall with his aunts.

*He prefers to play with the girls instead of the boys

*The majority of his friends are girls

*He spends the night at his Aunt Candice's house and he wants to give each other pedicures and paint each others toenails (Aunt Candice's contribution)

*The Bodyguard was his favorite movie ever. (His aunt Kendra reminded me of this one)

*He loves the young Obi-Wan Kenobi and not for his acting abilities. (His aunt Candice provided this one)

* He adores Gwen Stefani, it started at an early age and he has a shrine of her in his bedroom.

*He tells all your friends and family that when he grows up he is going to marry your friend Steve Mitchell pictured above. (His aunt Trina reminded me of this one)

So for those of you who think being gay is a choice, I am here to tell you that it is NOT! Just like a child is born with blue eyes, or green eyes, or brown hair, blonde hair etc, a child is born with their sexual orientation. As the proud mother of a gay child I can tell you this for a fact! Everyone who knew Colin growing up could tell. So when he finally came out last year it was not a shock to any of us who truly know and love him.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art by Morgan Jenkins

I thought I would share my favorite picture drawn by Morgan. She knows how to spell my name all by herself! This is my favorite picture she has given me so far! Can you tell who the picture is of?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday is my favorite day!

So today in Sacrament the Young Women sang the song "Steadfast in You" and since I am the YW secretary I had to sing as well. Being in front of a crowd is not my favorite thing to do but the girls stood in front of the leaders so it wasn't that bad.

Today also was my Sunday to give the lesson in YW. It was on community service. The young women in my ward are so awesome and teach me more than I will ever teach them.

After church Sean, Jaime, Brynn, Chase, Shea and Ella came over to visit the kitties. Sean just so happens to also be my boss. I get to hang with Jaime a lot with church activities and when she organizes girls night out! We have a lot of fun together and I love their kids!

I then took a little nap and then it was time for me to babysit for Nate and Amber as they went to a wedding of a co-worker. Of course the kids wanted to come to my house and play with the kitties. I had some laundry to fold so after they had enough with the kittens I put them on my bed and turned on some Disney shows while I folded laundry.

Morgan and Evan love to come to my house and Morgan will often draw me pictures so that she can come over and deliver them! My fridge is beautifully decorated with child art by Morgan.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holy moly I am 40!

So Sunday was my 40th birthday. I have been dreading it all year. My visiting teachers and my great friends all pitched in to throw me a 40th birthday bash on Saturday night! It was so much fun! Heather Chamberlain and Eleanor Currit came up with the idea and Eleanor coordinated it and she did an awesome job!
Thank you to everyone for making my 40th birthday a memorable event! I am truly blessed to have so many awesome friends. Thanks to all who helped and brought food, performed music, sang, danced and attended! It was a blast.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I am a Grandma!

Yep my baby had babies! I have had sister for about 4 years now and she had her first liter today! She had them in my closet while I was at work. She is such a good mom. She purrs the entire time she is with them. One is all white and the other is a dark tiger striped. I love them!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My new Friend

So this little guy comes to my balcony every night wanting to harass my cats at my sliding glass window and beg for food. He is so cute! He comes every night anywhere from 9pm to 3am and he will come and knock on the window!! Once I open the door to come out and give him some food he jumps off the balcony and waits for me to come back in the house and close the door before eating. He will come up to the window and stand on his hind legs to thank me. He will even come up to the screen door but he is too scared to be near me if the door is open.
I know I should not feed him and he is a rodent but I love him! I know you think I am the cat lady but if I were allowed to have other animals in my apartment I would! One day I will have my own house with a yard and have cats, bunnies, dogs and any wild life that wants to visit!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wow what a week!

On Wednesday July 9th I flew down to Las Vegas to go through the temple and spend time with family. Colin stayed home to take care of our 4 cats and the house.

The time flew by fast and before I knew it I was home again. I spent a lot of time just hanging with family. On Saturday I went to the Las Vegas Temple for the first time! It was amazing!! My mom was my escort. The following friends and family met me there and went through with me:

My mom and dad (of course!)
My sister Katrina and my brother-in-law Trent Nielsen
My great friends Nate and Amber Jenkins from Issaquah, WA
My uncle Vere and aunt Shauna Dickerson from Moab, UT
Good friends Diane and Wyatt (Bishop) Banks, Las Vegas, NV
Good friends Marvel Ririe and Val her daughter, Las Vegas, NV

I didn't think to ask anyone to stay for pictures after until my Dad and my aunt and uncle had already left. So here is a picture of the rest of us at the temple after the session.

Pictured above from left to right (yours not mine lol) are Amber Jenkins, Nate Jenkins, Mom, Me, Katrina (Trina) and Trent.

After we all met at my parents house for a nice BBQ and swim party. We had pulled pork sandwiches which were awesome! We also had my favorite costco cake with the best frosting!

Those in attendence were:
My brother Dennis (bald guy behind me)
Trent and my sister Trina and Syd, Kailee, Spencer, Christina Nielsen
Jack and my sister Candice, and Anthony, Andrew, Aden and Jackson
Erich and Kendra Schueler, and Alex, Nick, Morgan
Aunt Anne
Wyatt and Diane Banks, Chaniece and Rigden (if someone knows the correct spelling of their names please let me know)
Travis Johnson, Amy and Ryan
Nate and Amber Jenkins and Morgan and Evan
Dan and Tiffany Jenkins and their cute kids
Vere and Shauna

It was an awesome day! Click here to see all my pictures.

I went to church with Trina and her family on Sunday and chatted with JohnnyFaye Blood who is also from Moab and went to school with my dad. Made me cry because she made me think of Moab and both sets of my grandparents that are no longer alive (but I am sure both sets of grandparents where with me at the temple, shocked and proud).

On Monday I drove down to Kingman to see my sister's Candice and Kendra's homes there. We had a BBQ that night that was so yummy. I got to pet all the animals on the Weidner farm (smelt them before seeing them).

I spent 2 days in Kingman. It was great to spend time with my family. I do miss them but I don't think I could leave beautiful Issaquah for hot Las Vegas. I thought since I lived there for 16 years the heat would not bother me but man was I wrong! I forgot how hot it gets and I am no longer used to that heat.

I am going to start saving money soon so Colin and I can go to Vegas for Christmas.


Monday, July 7, 2008

New Church Calling!

Sunday was a bitter sweet day. I was sadly released as the Primary teacher of the 4/5 year olds. I love my class and will miss them greatly. I am working on getting a picture of them and will post it on a later date.

I have been called to be the secretary in the Young Women's! I am very excited to get to know the young women and looking forward to working on my own personal progress!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Claim to Fame!

My great friend and neighbor is Amber Jenkins. Amber's maiden name is Morgan. Do you know who else has the maiden name of Morgan? Stephenie Meyer author of the Twilight Series of books! Yep, Amber and Stephenie are first cousins! Can you see the family resemblance?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bridal Shower, Primary, Birthday Party! Lots of Fun!

Saturday was a very fun and busy day. I attended a bridal shower for Jessie Smith at 10am. She is in my ward. We all ate crepes that were so yummy and the soon to be bride opened gifts. Stacey Griffith threw the party at her house and they have several pets. One is a snake named Rosie. I of course thought it was cute and wanted to hold it! Most of the other ladies freaked out.

Then at 2pm was the Primary Summer Activity and since I teach the 4/5 year olds I had the pleasure of attending. A good time was had by all!

Then at 6pm was Stacey Griffith's 40th birthday bash at the Church. We had pulled pork sandwiches and ribs. The Bishop's wife brought some 80's music so we danced a little after dinner. I totally want to do that again!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goin' to the Temple and I'm NOT getting married!

I am going to the temple on July 12th in Las Vegas. I am very excited and happy with how my life is going right now. I just wished life was not going by so fast. I do not like getting older. The years are flying by. It seems like yesterday I graduated high school. Wow!