Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am Twitterpated!

I love Facebook! Through it I was able to reconnect with an old boyfriend. He is not on Facebook but his cousin is and I emailed her asking for his contact information. Long story short we have been talking, texting, emailing back and forth none stop since we reconnected!

I met Randy Couch in Moab when I was 17. I kept in touch with him when I moved to Las Vegas and he came and stayed with us in Vegas for a couple of months. I was young, he was older and little wild and things didn’t work out and we went our separate ways.

Our lives have been very similar. We both have been married 3 times and he has only a son and so do I. We both were inactive in the church for many years and we are both back to being active in the church! I am further ahead in my journey but he is making huge progress.

It is weird how it was so long ago that we were dating but now it seems like yesterday and we have started right back up where we left off. We are taking it one day at a time. But we both want a temple marriage and feel that if we base our relationship around the gospel we will create a strong relationship and/or marriage. No matter how far it goes we will always be friends. But I love the feeling I get when we talk. It is so exciting and gives me something to look forward too. I just might have found my happily ever after!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love my new to me car!

My Dodge Intrepid has been on its last leg for a while. The car was a lemon from the get go and I had to replace the engine 2 years after buying. Chrysler does not stand behind their product so I had to pay for it. Any ways the newer engine is about to go out, the brakes were shot and the a/c went out. I hate the car!

So my parents are downsizing and were telling me how they were going to get rid of their Pathfinder and I said I wanted it! And would take over the payments.
It is so funny how somethings just fall into place and are suppose to happen. I was trying to figure out how to get the car from Vegas to Washington when I saw a friend on Facebook that used to live here but had moved to Vegas. So I added him and a couple days later his status said he was coming to Washington from Vegas to meet his new grandbaby. I contacted him and he drove it up here!
I love it! I love riding high. I was playing with the stereo today and figured out how to make the display on the stereo PINK!! Now I am really in love!

I am so blessed. I have a great job with 2 awesome bosses, I live in a really cute house, have a great new to me car, and have great friends and family. Life is good!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am not just the crazy cat lady, I am a dog sitter was well!

I had the pleasure of watching Barkley for my friend Rob while he and his family went on vacation. We had Barkley for 10 days! He is the best dog ever! He is trained to ring bells that hang off a door knob when he needs to go outside. He is well behaved and only poops once a day!

Barkley slept next to me, he loves to cuddle and he went to work with me. Any time I would leave to go some where he wanted to go. The cats did not like him at first but they didn't mind him by the time he left. My cat Rat (short for Ratatouille) however loved him. Rat would follow Barkley every where and play chase with Barkley in the house. They were buddies! I miss Barkley and look forward to watching him again in the future.