Saturday, November 29, 2008

And now we have 12

Sister had another litter. This time she had 6! I love them all. She had 4 white ones, 1 orange one and 1 black with orange one. I know I am crazy. I love babies. I don't care what kind. A baby frog, baby worm, baby elephant, baby human, baby dog, baby lizard, baby snake. . . you get the point.

Lady's two kittens are almost ready to go to their new homes (my friend Heather and her family and my friend Stacey and her family). They are my favorite kittens so far. So we have a total of 12 cats in our house. Piglet recently had his manhood removed, so ends the kitten making factory.

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Schueler Crew said...

I know he retired but Bob Barker had some really sound advice ;)