Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I love my new to me car!

My Dodge Intrepid has been on its last leg for a while. The car was a lemon from the get go and I had to replace the engine 2 years after buying. Chrysler does not stand behind their product so I had to pay for it. Any ways the newer engine is about to go out, the brakes were shot and the a/c went out. I hate the car!

So my parents are downsizing and were telling me how they were going to get rid of their Pathfinder and I said I wanted it! And would take over the payments.
It is so funny how somethings just fall into place and are suppose to happen. I was trying to figure out how to get the car from Vegas to Washington when I saw a friend on Facebook that used to live here but had moved to Vegas. So I added him and a couple days later his status said he was coming to Washington from Vegas to meet his new grandbaby. I contacted him and he drove it up here!
I love it! I love riding high. I was playing with the stereo today and figured out how to make the display on the stereo PINK!! Now I am really in love!

I am so blessed. I have a great job with 2 awesome bosses, I live in a really cute house, have a great new to me car, and have great friends and family. Life is good!


Shanell said...

I love it when things work out like that!!

Carrie said...

Very cute car! :)

staceygriff said...

love it and the pink!!! It's totally a Brenda car, I can just see you cruisin' around in it. I'm so happy for you.