Friday, September 30, 2011

I want to start Blogging again!

I have wanted to start blogging again however I haven't because there is so much that has happened since I last blogged I felt overwhelmed. So instead of trying to get caught up I am just going to start from here!

The last job didn't work out. They laid me off after 3 months due to a decline in their business. So I am still unemployed. I do have a couple of leads on some jobs and advancing on the application process but I don't want to jinx anything so I am not going to talk or get excited about it yet.

Some of you know that I recently got married. . again. I became Mrs. David Lassabe on July 21st, 2011! It came as a shock to many of my friends because it seemed like it happened so fast. What many did not see or know is that David and I have been friends for a while. We met in May 2010 at a church service project. We hit it off and became friends. We started hanging out together, going to church activities , he would come over to my house once a week and take my trash to the curb and do other manly jobs around my house, we would rent movies together, he would come with me to run errands etc. We were seen together at most of our ward activities and at church. Many church members would ask me if we were dating. I of course told them no because we weren't. I would just tell them he was my substitute son. He is much younger than me and closer to my son's age then mine. I could not see my self dating him because of the age difference.

Gradually things started to change and we became close friends and then before you know it we decided to get married. He is my best friend and I cannot imagine my life without him. I feel like he has always been a part of my life. I love spending time with him. He makes doing even horrible things fun! We clean house together, go shopping (he loves to shop and I hate it!), dishes, yard work. No matter what the task he seems to have a positive outlook and finds ways to make it fun for us.

David loves me unconditionally and he treats me like a Queen! And this might come as a shock, he does not let me control him no matter how hard I try. I don't like that I am controlling and I do not do it on purpose. He really doesn't need to be controlled because he makes wise choices and we like most of the same things. He knows how to handle me and my controlling behavior as well as my mental illnesses! :^) When my brain tumor starts acting up or my heart attack comes on he knows just what to say and do to calm me down without making me feel crazy. He laughs later at the fact I am a hypochondriac.

When I am feeling down on myself he talks me up. He makes me a better person. He claims I make him a better person. I guess we are good for each other! I am counting down the days that we will be sealed together forever!


sonya d said...

Wow, things have certainly changed since you blogged last! David sounds great... does he have a friend? ;)

Carrie said...

Glad you are blogging again! I love the more in-depth writing that comes from blogs vs. facebook. :) Glad you are happy!! Congrats on everything.