Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Future New Home

We are moving! The house we are currently renting is being foreclosed on December 23rd. So we have to move. We love our ward and didn't want to move out of it. We have been praying we would find a house we could afford to rent in our ward. And our prayers have been answered!

We were at our Ward party and our friend Heather mentioned she was going to rent out her house, I asked how much and it was not in our budget. She then told me about this house! The family used to live in our ward and due to a job opportunity they moved and rented out their house. Their current tenants gave notice and are moving out at the end of this month! And it is in our budget!! We get to slowly move in after December 10th. We can't afford to pay utilities on 2 houses so it might be a fast move in and not so much a slow one.

The back yard is HUGE! We want to get a big fire pit and some backyard furniture. Our bedroom is the blue room. We will be painting it to match the rest of the house. Brown and Pink don't look good with blue :(

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Kay Suzanne said...

Hi Brenda. I left you a comment in your 'other' folder at Facebook. I just recently realized there was an 'other' folder for our Private Messages. Could you take a look and message me. Thank you so very much!