Thursday, September 18, 2008

I have been tagged!

20 Years Ago....
1. I was pregnant with Colin
2. I was working at Pic – n- Save (Now BigLots)
3. I was married to Eddie Puckett
4. My grandma Dickerson was dying of cancer

10 Years Ago....
1. I was married to Luis Velasco
2. Colin was in 5th Grade
3. I was working at the America Gem Society
4. Still living in Las Vegas

5 Years Ago....
1. I was married to Sonny
2. Living in Issaquah Washington
3. Became addicted to shopping on Ebay
4. Was working for the Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce

3 Years Ago....
1. Was working at HouseValues in sales
2. Went to Vegas on vacation
3. Colin was going to Bellevue Community College
4. Enjoyed going to dinner and a movie every Tuesday with Sonny and Colin

1 Year Ago....
1. I was teaching the 4/5 year olds in Primary and loving it!
2. Became great friends with my neighbors the Jenkins (Nate, Amber, Morgan, Evan and bun in the oven
3. Colin learned to drive
4. Landed an awesome job as office manager for the Finnigan’s business, Homevestors!

So far this year....
1. I became secretary in Young Womens
2. I went to the Las Vegas temple and received my endowments!
3. I filed for divorce!
4. I turned 40 :(

Yesterday I.....
1. Worked.
2. Went grocery shopping
3. I went to Young Womens and avoided playing capture the flag
4. Played with my cute baby kittens (hopper and whitey)

Today I.....
1. Woke up
2. Took a shower
3. Got dressed and ready for work
4. Went to work and drank a Mtn. Dew

In the next year I'll.....
1. Try and lose weight
2. Attend the temple a lot
3. Try and go to Vegas for a vacation
4. Persuade Colin into getting his GED and drivers license

I tag Laurie Huemann, Susan Robinson, Amy Hansen and Heather Chamberlain

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Valerie said...

I didn't realize that you live in Issaquah! That's where I served my mission in 97! I love it there!