Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am the cat lady!

So last Sunday we gave away Sister's baby kittens to a loving home. The father of the babies was a stray cat. We don't let our cats outside however Sister was going to get outside one way or another so we finally threw her out.

Lady is our other cat and she had babies the same day we gave away the other two. They are so cute and our black cat Piglet is the father of these two. One is solid black like Piglet and the other is white. Lady and Sister are real sisters and so when Lady had babies Sister was there to help! In fact she thought since we gave away her babies that she would just share the babies with Lady and kept taking the babies and tried to hide them.

So I have 4 cats. Sabrina we have had the longest and she is a white big fluffy cat. Then there is Lady and Sister that came from the same litter and then Piglet that the Jenkin's found in the parking garage and I hand feed and wiped his bum along with his 2 brothers, Pooh and Tigger. Pooh and Tigger now live with my friends the Finnigan's. I just could not bring myself to give away Piglet and have him all alone so I kept him. Don't tell the other cats but he is my favorite!
So here are pictures of all my cats. We of course will give away the lastest babies once they are old enough to give away. So if you want one let me know! Next month Piglet will be getting his manhood cut off and then I will have the girls fixed soon thereafter. I do love these babies!


staceygriff said...

Miles and Sofi are looking at the pics of the kitties and they want to visit you and see them. Plus Sofi looked at the screen and without seeing your face she said " Oh I know whose this is, that's Brenda's. Why does she like pink so much?" Funny, she knows you too well. love the kittens. so cute.

SingledOut4 said...

I love your bedspread!

Weidner Clan (Candice's View) said...

OMG Pig is so big and lanky now! What happened to that fat little lip sucker?