Sunday, February 15, 2009

I hate moving! But love my new house!

So I am moving this weekend to Tacoma Washington. I am moving into a cute house that the company I work for owns. Yes Colin is moving with me and we are very excited to be living in a city again. I love Issaquah but I am ready for a change. I finally changed my name to Dickerson on my bank accounts, utilities and drivers license.

It amazes me how much crap I accumulate in such a short time. I have lived here almost 7 years. Moving is a great excuse to get rid of stuff I know I will never use or need. It is a lot of work however. And once you start packing and moving things around in your place you have lived in for a while you see all the dirt! My current apartment is so dirty it is freaking me out. I am going to have to clean it before my friends from my ward come over to clean!! I am very overwhelmed but trying to take it a day at a time and by Friday night if everything is not done then I will panic.

Good thing about the new house is I have a ton of storage space. There is a garage and lots of closets, pantries, etc in this house and the kitchen is 3 times the size of the one in my apartment! Who knows I might start cooking a lot more now that I will have the room. I also have a huge back yard and a great place to plant a garden!

I will post pictures once I get my house put together but here are pictures of it empty.

I am sad I will be moving out of my ward and will not be close to a lot of my great friends but I am looking forward to meeting new friends and a fresh start. I have heard from several people that the single adults in my age range are a very large and active group down in Tacoma! I have joined a group for them on Facebook and am shocked at all the activities they plan and do.

I love you my Issaquah friends and I am so grateful for knowing you. I will not be a stranger! You will see me often I promise!


Shanell said...

Oh come can't be worse then the appartment you left in Vegas!! I recall the flood of '95...LOL

Shane served in Tacoma...I'll have to tell him that's where you are moving. cute house! you'll have fun making it your own :-)

Carrie said...

Just looked at all the pictures, and what an adorable house! I'm so happy that you are getting so much space! Cute kitchen, bathrooms and everything. :) We'll miss you...

Ali Hawkins said...

Your house is adorable! Even though I have only known you a short time I will miss you. Good luck on all of your new changes!

SingledOut4 said...

I love the house!! Totally my style. A little jealousy coming from me. :)