Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday Colin!

Tonight at 6:30pm Colin will officially be 20 years old. He was born in Las Vegas at the no longer Women's Hospital. He was born by C section after I was induced for almost 24 hours! The first thing the doctor said when he pulled him out was "wow look at the size of balls this kid has". He was talking to the other doctor and he must have thought I was too out of it to pay attention.

Colin weighed 9 pounds 12 oz. He came into this world very stubborn! The nurses in the nursery would call me and ask if I could take him because he was throwing such a fit in the clear plastic crib thingy that he turned himself sideways. The nurses would constantly wrap him up in a blanket and cover his arms. He hated it and I finally told them if they would leave his arms free he would stop throwing fits and I was right.

It is hard for me to believe life has gone by so fast and that my one and only baby is 20 years old. I feel like it was just yesterday that he was born. I remember every detail. I love you Colin no matter how angry I get at you. I am not the best mom in the world. I know there are things I could have done better when raising you and because I didn't I am sorry. But I only wanted and continue to want the best for you in life. Just know that there is no one else in the world that will love and support you as much as your mom will and does so try to remember that when you get angry at me.

Love you Colin and Happy Birthday!


staceygriff said...

you are a good mom Brenda. Being a parent is hard and then doing it alone I can't imagine. Don't be hard on yourself. You love him and that's what matters. That's funny about them wrapping him up tight and you saying not to. That was the only way we could get Sofi to stop crying. She was also stubborn and if we wrapped her up super tight then she would stop crying and fussing. I hope Colin had a good b-day and that this year is a good one for both of you!

shaunacd said...

Every mother in the world says the same things you said, we all have regrets and wish we could go back and do things over. It's a learning process all along, just enjoy the ride. Hope to see you again soon - Shauna