Thursday, June 11, 2009

How could I not love this man?!?

Randy and I send each other videos on our phones daily in addition to our daily phone call. This is my favorite that he sent me last week (I got his permission to post this on my blog). How could I not love him? He has the biggest heart, is so compassionate and asks for nothing in return! I am so excited to be his wife and make him as happy as he makes me!

This is the gorgeous wedding ring he bought me. It is being sized right now and I won't be wearing it until he places it on my finger at our wedding. He said that he chose this ring because it represents our life, the center stone is the God Head and he and I are the other stones on each side. I have a feeling his aunt Joyce helped him pick out the ring.

I am not only so blessed to be marrying such a wonderful man but also into such an awesome family! His aunt Joyce has become the best wedding planner and is turning this wedding into the wedding of my dreams! I have never had a nice wedding so I am nervous yet so excited.

The days are going by so slow. I am flying down on the 19th for the weekend to spend time with Randy. I am looking forward to it. I will be staying with Aunt Joyce and her husband Jerry. I am almost as excited to see Joyce as I am to be with Randy! I said almost :)


staceygriff said...

how did the weekend go Brenda? I love this ring. It's beautiful.

Heath694 said...

He seems like a keeper!!

Park Family said...

I'm excited for you Brenda! Less than a week away!!!!