Monday, October 19, 2009

Wedding and a Funeral

Me, Randy, Grandma Richins, Grandpa Richins

I am so bad for not posting in such a long time. I love reading other people's blogs and enjoy blogging however life is crazy busy now that I am happily married!

Randy and I got married on July 6th in Rocklin, California. It was a beautiful wedding. My good friend Amy Hansen and her son Dane drove to California with me and Amy took a ton of wedding pictures. My mom, Trent and Trina and kids came as well as Kendra and Morgan. My sisters surprised me by making bridesmaid dresses. Randy's Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jerry hosted the wedding and did most of the preparations. It was just beautiful. We went on a honeymoon to a bed and breakfast. It was just a magical time in my life for so many reasons.

We drove back to Washington and started to settle in to our new lives as husband and wife when Randy's grandma Richin's passed away. She was 93 and the day we were packing the car with Randy's belongings from her house she fell and went down hill from there. Randy spent the last 6 months living with his Grandparents and helping them out. On July 15th his grandma passed away. So Randy and I returned to Gridley California to attend her funeral and spend time with family. I am so grateful that families are forever!

Life is crazy busy! Still love my job, I love my church callings and will not go this long to post on my blog again!
For more wedding pictures click here and more here!


Carrie said...

Cute pictures. Keep blogging. :)

Heath694 said...

Sheesh!! It's about time, my friend! Thanks for posting.

staceygriff said...

Yes thanks for posting. Made me think of the movie " 4 weddings and a funeral", which I love. I'm so happy for you and Randy. It sounds like it's going along great. We still need to meet him sometime. love you.

shaunacd said...

Where's some new blognews?!!!Get to it!

Weidner Clan said...

Is your next post going to be titled "a divorce and a funeral?" lol lol lmao I kill me..