Monday, November 22, 2010

I was let go my first day on the job!

For the day because of snow!! So it is snowing like crazy here. I went to work, got the tour of the office, met 2 agents, read the employee manual then was sent home. The snow was really falling and the Fed Ex guy was having a hard time getting out of the parking lot. My 20 minute commute home took 1 1/2 hours! NO one on the freeway was going more than 10mph. I passed a couple of wrecks. Decided to take this picture of a nice BMW that slide off the road and hit this pole that was in between the freeways.

This is my house when I got home. I hope I am able to go to work tomorrow. I am so excited to start and want the newness of it all to be over with so I need to actually be able to go to work! I am so thankful to have a job!

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staceygriff said...

I haven't checked my blog lately so this is the first time I saw your posting. It scared me!!! I'm glad you were sent home because of the weather. How is your job? Do you like it and the people?