Thursday, November 11, 2010

TGIF tomorrow!

So when you are unemployed and you hear someone say "TGIF" it really has no meaning. But tomorrow I am thankful that it is Friday because I will hear if I got a job that I was called to interview for twice. I interviewed with one brother/partner then was called back to interview with the other brother/partner and also the wife/agent of the first brother partner. Originally I was called back to just interview with the other brother/partner but the wife of the first inteviewer joined us.

I emailed everyone thanking them for their time and that it was a pleasure to meet them, feel free to contact me with additional questions. . yada, yada and this was the wife's reply. . ."It was a pleasure meeting you as well. Bill (not his real name) had shared some of his time with you so it was good to meet you in person. We certainly will contact you if any additional questions come up. Thanks!" Based on this email I got the feeling that her husband was impressed with me and wanted her to meet me as well and that is why she joined in on the second interview.

This isn't just any job. It is almost a mirror image of what I did at my last job. And I loved that job! I was an office manager for a real estate investment company. The job I applied for is executive assistant for a real estate company.

I feel that both interviews went really well. But I don't want to get my hopes up because it is so depressing when I don't get the job. So I have been telling myself that I don't want the job. And in fact I fear that if I was chosen I would not do a good job. Again, my self confidence has been damaged. Funny thing is that when I have interviewed for other jobs during my current unemployment I thought that the job was perfect for me. When I read this job description I knew I was the perfect person for this job! I sure hope they think so too and I also hope that I will gain my self confidence quickly if they hire me.

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