Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The house is finally put together!

It took forever it seems but my house is finally put together! I love my house and I think Colin does too. Although the bedrooms are smaller than we are used to, it is so nice to have such a large kitchen, living room and tons of storage. Our cats seem to like the house as well. It took them a while. Some of them hid for a couple of days.

I feel so blessed to have such great friends, awesome bosses, great job, and a beautiful house. I am now looking forward to having friends over, planting a garden and just enjoying life!

I miss my friends in Issaquah and I hope they come visit. I would love for anyone to come visit anytime. I now have a home I am proud to let others in.

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staceygriff said...

I love it Brenda. It looks so comfortable and very you. I have something for your room. It's something I got for Kiah's room a long time ago and I've just held on to it because I think it's really cute. After looking at all your photo's I think it would look cute in your bedroom. It's a corner shelf, a small one. It's pink and a light green. Very cute. I also love the "Colin's to do list" on the fridge. How is Colin and does he like the change and the move? Tell him Hi.